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Directory of Saints' Names

Your patron saint is a saint whose name, or derivative of whose name, you have. Our Directory of Saints' Names is alphabetized by the name of the patron saint. However, many derivatives of that saint's name may begin with a different letter and, in many cases, seem quite variable.


Patron saints are determined by:

1. The name of the saint and names similar to it

2. The meaning of the saint's name and names in other languages with the same or similar meaning

3. The location from which the saint came.

4. The sound of the saint's name and other names which sound similar.


In order to find the name of your patron saint, you may have to search many of the pages until you find your name listed. Most names have a patron saint.


The pages are listed alphabetically by first letter of the patron saint's name.


Saints Whose Names Begin with (click on the letter to go to that page):


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