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Saint Amarinus


(died 676 A.D.)


Amarinus comes from the Greek name Amarantos, the name of the Amaranth flower which means “unfading.”


Friendship is a great blessing. God gave us friends to help us desire the everlasting friendship of God. A true friend will support us wherever the trials of life may take us. Saint Amarinus was a true friend who accompanied his friend to the death.

Amarinus was born into the noble families of France about 600 years after Jesus died. He was taught about Jesus from his childhood. One of his teachers was Saint Genesius of Clermont Abbey. Genesius was a holy bishop who lived simply and had few possessions. He founded hospitals, monasteries, convents, and churches. Genesius felt unworthy to be bishop and even tried to sneak away from his duty, but he was brought back. This faithful man strove to bring others to moral living. He had a great influence on Amarinus.

A few years after Genesius died, one of Amarinus’ classmates named Praejectus was made bishop in Genesius’s place. Praejectus was well known also for establishing convents, hospitals, monasteries, and churches. Through his career, Amarinus remained in his Benedictine monastery and prayed for his friend. His fellow monks saw that Amarinus was a holy man of deep faith and true friendship. They made him abbot (head) of their monastery in Clermont, France.

We can imagine Praejectus and Amarinus visiting one another and remembering their school days and their teacher Genesius. We can imagine them sharing about their faith in Christ and encouraging each other in their difficulties. Amarinus likely had some monks who would have done better outside the monastery. He had to help them become good monks even if that was difficult for them.  

Praejectus had dealings not only with the Church and many people in it but also with politics of the time. One man, a lord of that area, was accused of many crimes and, at the order of the King, was arrested and put to death. One of his friends held Praejectus responsible for the death and plotted to murder him. This murderer found Praejectus and Amarinus together and killed them both.

Amarinus shows us that friends are willing to do whatever needed to help a friend. Amarinus died while being faithful to his friend.

Today the city of Saint-Amarin in France is named after Amarinus.

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